Robin Rendle on How to Read the Internet:

So instead of being just another way to get posts from blogs that you were interested in, RSS fostered countless communities and friendships across oceans, across networks. And because of that I now think of RSS as a window into a room with the smartest, kindest people — and sometimes, on the rarest of occasions, they would open up the window and wave back.

This reminded me of how much the early web design blogging community got me into web development back in 2005.

There are two services that I’ve fallen in love with over the years: Feedbin (a service that saves all my subscriptions and keeps everything in sync) and Reeder (a macOS and iOS app that lets me read those subscriptions).

I recently signed up for Feedbin to get back into Feeds. It’s well designed, independently run, and has an honest business model.

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